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We build enterprise-scale tech products and cloud services. Devticks is a full stack development platform, that replaces your database, server functions, and glue code.

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Services we offer

Our services encompass a spectrum of offerings, spanning visually captivating front-ends, intricate back-end development, cloud microservices, data mining, and UI/UX expertise.

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Front-end development

Engage our proficient front-end developers to help craft interactive, visually striking, and pixel-perfect web and mobile applications that will captivate and delight users.

Devticks full stack development

Back-end development

Our back-end services ensures consistent performance, careful implementation of business logic, seamless calculations, and effective database interactions.

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Cloud Services

Leveraging the expertise of cloud architects with over a decade of experience, Devticks delivers secure and agile microservices development, ensuring modernization of legacy Systems.

Devticks cloud services

Data Mining

Delving into the domain of data mining and extraction, our skilled team systematically explores and consolidates information from various internet sources with precision.

Case studies

A wealth of expertise spanning a decade, specializing in advanced web platforms and intricate systems aligned with the latest industry trends.

Cloud Microservice (Java Spring Boot)

SAP Commerce Cloud C/4Hana solution

We delivered the architecture and implementation of a highly dynamic product ranking engine using Flink streaming, Elasticsearch and Java for implementing different business strategies by promoting selected products on the carousel. The end result is more conversion for selected products.

Full Stack Application (Typescipt | Node.js | React.js)

Microservice Architecture for low-code web application

Implemented microservice architecture for a “low-code no-code” platform. Back-end was implemented in Node.js whereas front-end in Nest.js. The functionality of the system is broken down into several microservices. Click below to view more:

Modern Next.js 13 Application

State-of-the-art modern application | React, Next.JS 13, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS

This case study is about building a fully functional “Car Showcase” Web application which allows user to search for different cars based on multiple filters such as model mileage etc. This is a modern web App built using Next.js 13 ,leveraging features such as server-side rendering and the app router.

Learn about Devtick’s expertise in Projects Case studies.

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Devticks has expert vetted hands on back-end, front-end and full stack engineers with over 10 years of experience in developing software services for big companies like SAP UK, CERN switzerland, Google, HP and Upwork itself!  Some are Talent Cloud holder – which is an Upwork Enterprise client’s private network of professional freelancers. Our engineers have worked on 
 products which are used by millions of customers worldwide (SAP Hybris, SAP C4/Hana, HP Cloud, Gogole Castor Marshelling, Upwork Platform modernization)

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Ranked among the leading software development firms, we stand out for our technological support in guiding clients through seamless digital transformations.

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